Don’t cancel Amy Coney Barrett’s book

Stephen L Carter Kudos to Penguin Random House for sticking to its plan to publish a book by Judge Amy Coney Barrett despite a petition from hundreds of people who work at the publication arguing that the company should cancel the volume due to the author’s vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Some of the … Read more

New letter campaigns speak out against widespread book bans in Missouri

With hundreds of books banned in Missouri schools this year, the removals have come under fresh criticism from librarians and authors, including such high-profile writers as Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Louis Lowry, Laurie Halsey Anderson and Art Spiegelman. that open letter By PEN America Wednesday has a growing list of signatories criticizing the state’s removal … Read more

A book documenting 40 acres of paradise | News

Many dream only of visiting their designated paradise, while decades ago Max and Eileen Judd decided to make living in their imagined paradise an everyday reality. Conservation, prairie restoration, reintegration of native plant species and creation of wildlife habitat on 40 acres of land has resulted in a biologically diverse area unlike anything in the … Read more