Rebecca Hall’s 7-minute monologue in “Resurrection” is a tour of the force

Show, don’t tell. Usually, that’s a rule of thumb in filmmaking—at least for anyone other than Aaron Sorkin. Using copious amounts of dialogue can be seen as a narrative underpinning, and a missed opportunity for actors to use their bodies to tell stories on the page. This is what can make monologues so powerful in … Read more

‘Resort’ is the new summer mystery who could be the next ‘White Lotus’

Did you like the amazing rom-com Palm Springs? Likewise, are you obsessed Christine MiliotiEndless magic in projects like How do I meet your mother And the Made for love? Were you a big fan of good place? and, most importantly, Box Mart Cell, would you like to own one of these Jared wears Jared wears … Read more