A Texas mom warns that watching Hocus Pocus 2 may open the gates of hell to American homes

A Texas mom warned American families that watching Hocus Pocus 2 could cast evil spells in their homes — and might even open the gates of hell. Jamie Gooch, 33, of Troy, has urged parents not to let their kids watch the PG-rated Hocus Pocus 2, which premiered at Disney+ September 30 with great anticipation, … Read more

How Children’s Hospital’s Rare Disease Sequencing System Unlocks the Entire Genome

The Children’s Mercy Kansas City The Research Institute announced on Monday that It builds What it calls “the world’s most advanced genetic sequencing system”. This claim refers to the work that Mercy for Children is doing through it Genomic Answers Program for Kids (GA4K). The health system launched the program three years ago with the … Read more

USDA scattered rabies vaccines for wildlife in 13 countries

By Janet McConaughey, The Associated Press NEW ORLEANS (Associated Press) – The US Department of Agriculture has begun dispersing millions of oral rabies vaccine packages from helicopters and planes in more than 13 states of the United States. who to me Alabama. Field trial coordinator Gordona Kirby said the main goal is to prevent raccoons … Read more

Man writes about cooking chicken in a hotel coffee pot — and the internet explodes – NBC Los Angeles

LinkedIn Business and Recruitment is the place to look for job opportunities, internships, and professional networking. However, for a single man, the social network is the perfect place for unexpected conversations. On Monday, September 5, Alexander Cohen, product manager at a large healthcare startup in Austin, Texas, Spread A real unique money-saving hack that he … Read more