Wells Fargo conducted ‘mock interviews’ to pretend diversity efforts, employees claim

Wells Fargo sShe conducted external interviews with women and people of color to score Diversity Efforts in that Employment practices Although the positions were already offered to other candidates, several employees claimed. The banking company has a long-standing, informal policy of employers interviewing “diverse” candidates, whom the company identifies as women or people of colour, … Read more

A longtime Michigan unemployment worker helps two friends who stole $1.6 million with 123 false claims

long time Michigan unemployment A worker helped two of her friends who filed more than 123 false claims to steal $1.6 million in benefits, officials said. Scheme details A criminal complaint filed Wednesday (May 18) said that between March 2020 and June 2021, Keanya Mitchell, 32, of Romulus, and Angela Johnson, 47, of Detroit, operated … Read more

What does stagflation mean and what Biden can do about it

Some warn that the Federal Reserve’s efforts to slow inflation may return the US economy to the unusual state in which it found itself during the 1970s and early 1980s: stagflation. The Big Picture: Despite the high rates of inflation, the US economy is progressing rapidly The unemployment rate was 3.6% in April – close … Read more