The oil market fears a recession more than a drop in fuel stocks

The oil market ended another choppy week of frenetic trading, swinging up and down the $5 per barrel range as it was dragged between bullish and bearish catalysts in both directions each day. Both criteria It reached its highest level in eight weeks early Tuesday, only to pull back later in the day and join … Read more

Shocking on the beach: “There is nothing that has not risen.” | local news

Amy S. Rosenberg’s Philadelphia Inquirer OCEAN CITY – Price hikes were traversing the boardwalk the other day, as visitors charged the increased cost of pizza, not to mention a little cotton candy-flavored watery Polish gelato, adding little insult to injury for someone else’s cold May day. “The whole pie was worth $25,” said Garrett Gibbs … Read more

Deglobalization would be detrimental to stocks. But she’s not here yet.

The demise of globalization – if true – could not have come at a less favorable time for US companies. Drawing of Rob Dobby font size About the author: Joseph Quinlan Head of CIO Market Strategy at Merrill’s Principal Investment Office and Bank of America Private Bank. Nothing is more fashionable these days than writing … Read more

Countries ban food exports amid rising prices and inflation

India has banned wheat exports as grain prices soar this year due to the Russo-Ukrainian war. T. Narayan | Bloomberg | Getty Images India banned wheat exportsIt became the latest country to do so with grain prices soaring this year in part because of the Russo-Ukrainian war. The war caused a sharp rise in wheat … Read more