The Rock’s Black Adam Box desk damage control is awkward

picture: Warner Bros. a few days later reported variety that Dwayne Johnson-Drove Black Adam He looked like he was going to Failed to return much profit-if any-Limit He came out with a piece stating that the Variety article is wrong, in fact, and Black Adam is fine in office box. The star himself entered as … Read more

Who the hell is Joss Whedon’s Justice League?

picture: Warner Bros. / DC Comics There were many superhero movies Which has been shown since 1998 that almost every one of them has someone to go to defend themselves. Think of everything considered to be the worst movie in the MCU, or the worst movie in the MCU X-Men or Spider Man Perks, and … Read more

Netflix eyes Greta Gerwig to direct The Chronicles of Narnia reboot

picture: Disney David Harbor continues to inflate Lightning Movie. Ross Dover gets pissed off Weird thingsThe final season as a return to the first. Plus a fresh look at the comeback Its dark matterand what will happen Mayfair witches. Get spoilers! Chronicles of Narnia according to What’s on NetflixNetflix flirts with Greta Gerwig (Barbie) to … Read more

Batman could come in the blue ladybug movie

screenshot: Warner Bros. James Gunn may be helping a lobo The project starts from the ground. Luca Guadagnino wants to restart mummy. shortcomings It is no longer on Netflix. In addition to what will come in the penultimate stage walking deadand look at the opening title sequence of Wednesday. For me, my spoilers! Star Wars: … Read more