The Audi Activesphere Concept offers a small bed, VR, Quattro

  • Audi has officially unveiled the latest addition to its Sphere lineup, known as the Activesphere, with a pickup bed and seating for four.
  • Built on the Premium Platform Electric architecture, the battery-electric luxury coupe features 435 horsepower, a 372-mile range, active air suspension and a 9.76-inch ride height.
  • In addition to its off-road capabilities, the Activesphere features a mixed reality world superimposed inside, accessible through an Audi headset, and Level 4 autonomous driving modes.

    Audi He seems to be rocking amazing designs and enthusiastic engagements recently, as the brand launched its latest concept car – Audi activesphere. Gone are the days of typical sedan shapes and Bulbous crossovers, in theory, as Audi calls the Activesphere a luxury crossover and coupe. And you can’t forget the pull-out pickup truck bed, either.

    If you think this sounds weird, you are right. Of course, this form is believable concept vehiclebut its unconventional design and futuristic mixed-reality features make the model a sight to behold.

    The automaker confirmed during the press conference that there is no commitment to put this model into production, but it represents an entirely new range Audi is working towards. In fact, it is the fourth model in Audi Safir lineupAfter the Grandsphere realm, Urbansphereand Skysphere, but it’s the most adventurous – just as Audi intended.

    With no production plans, the sky’s the limit in terms of features, and Activesphere doesn’t disappoint. for beginners, sports background From Activesphere to an open cargo bed at the touch of a button – with the ability to carry gear for the hobby of your choice.

    from e-bikes For water and winter sports equipment as well as golf clubs, the “ActiveBack” bed is supported by a ski mount integrated in the center of the roof structure. This retractable space is made possible by the sliding transparent rear window and mechanical bulkhead behind the passenger area.

    The Activesphere’s ability to be a utility vehicle is paired with the right mechanical setup, featuring a set of 22-inch wheels and 285/55 off-road-specific tight-fit tires. With up to 9.76 inches of ground clearance from the active air suspension plus an approach angle of 18.9 degrees and a departure angle of 28.1 degrees, the model is fit to meet Quattro Legacy.

    And if you choose to take the Activesphere off-road, the abundance of electric torque should be a big help. built on Audi’s premium electric platform (PPE) and powered by a 100-kWh battery unit, Audi says the model can produce around 435 horsepower and 531 pound-feet of torque from its two electric motors. Each axis is equipped with an electric motor.

    To maintain energy flowAll models based on the PPE platform will feature an 800-volt charging system, with charging speeds of up to 270 kW. Audi says 10 minutes of charging at this rate will yield 186 miles of range, while 25 minutes will boost the charge state from 5% to 80%. In total, the concept of Activesphere is set Range 372 miles.

    Shown here in independent mode with the steering wheel and pedals folded away.


    Despite its off-road chops and sporty coupe design heritage, Audi wants consumers to have the option of not driving or driving with heavy assistance. With Level 4 autonomous driving system—Capability for Just the Right Terrain—The concept allows passengers to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, as the steering wheel and pedals fold into the interior compartments.

    Don’t worry, the steering wheel and pedals can be folded from the spokes-style dashboard at a moment’s notice, though Audi didn’t say whether this feature can be used while on the move. Since Audi claims this will be a Level 4 system, it wouldn’t technically need driver intervention anyway, but Audi expects Transition from driving to autonomous driving It must be gradual.

    Audi dimensions in action.


    For this purpose, Audi offers Audi Dimensions, a Mixed reality system It is accessed through a high-tech headset and then projected into the cabin. Passengers will see the real world around them as well as a host of superimposed driving, navigation and even functions Traffic safety informationwith each passenger being able to customize how they see this mixed reality.

    Driving status and tracking or braking distances as well as interior control panels, such as audio and climate controls, appear in an uncluttered, simple design that remains hidden from the naked eye, but can be manipulated by those using headphones.

    Even if all occupants choose not to wear a headset, the Activesphere remains drivable and interior functions are designed with ease of interaction in mind. Audi says the image of the Sphere is present throughout the concept, especially in the interior.

    Using the wide, pleasing doors to climb into one of the four lounge seats, passengers will find themselves seated at the same level as the high, full-length center console, which is the crown jewel of the interior design, with heating and cooling capabilities as well as space for various bottles and even proprietary headphones.

    Despite its massive fender flares, 5.25-foot-high suspension, and extreme exterior glazing, the Activesphere concept is similar in size to Audi A6 e-tron, the company’s upcoming offering of mid-size electric sedans. And while many of the features are noble in the context of current technology, especially Self-driving capabilitiesHowever, the actual drivetrain matches current electric vehicle trends and its dimensions aren’t that ridiculous.

    Beyond this concept, the PPE structure itself is set to join the Audi fleet, most likely through A6 e-tron, by the end of this year. And while Audi is touting the mixed reality and autonomous driving capabilities of the Activesphere concept, consumers will likely be equally excited about the lift. The coupe-fastback design is based on the quattro—especially when it can carry two e-bikes and four riders up and down the mountain while still saving energy.

    Would you like to see Audi activesphere– Or at least certain elements of it – go into production? Please comment below.

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