The ending of our latest release is probably more controversial than the original

Although it hasn’t been announced in any official capacity, rumors continue to fuel rumors about a supposed recast of the last of us. Rumors speculated that its launch window, as well Embed and take revenge in multiplayer Faction mode. Of course, the authenticity of the existence of the new version has not yet been confirmed, but there are a number of things to consider if it really is.

Most importantly, it must be remembered that because it is described as a remake and not as another repeater, which the last of us Already introduced in its transition from PS3 to PS4, it is likely that scenes will be altered in order to angle views and situations differently. One of the reasons Naughty Dog could have it to remake, aside from taking advantage of its beloved franchise, is because the characters and sequences are colored differently than fit the last of usComprehensive narrative.

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How Joel will be portrayed in a rumored remake will be interesting

One of the most important and inevitable changes the last of usA remake will need to address the murder of Jerry Anderson. Memories of the past in Our last 2 Depicting Jerry’s death, and loosely rewriting his law, Jerry is clearly visible as the surgeon players must kill in order to retrieve Eli. At the same time the last of usthe character that’s supposed to be Jerry doesn’t look like Jerry from Our last 2.

This is likely because Naughty Dog didn’t think too much about the future during the development of the first game to decide that the death of this particular surgeon would be as consequential and important as it was. while unworthy, stinging stuck around Our last 2 relating to the death of Joel Miller.

Since Joel is a character that players can empathize with after they’ve learned her point of view and been by his side for nearly the entirety of the original game, fans were understandably upset when the character was suddenly killed by a new face in the franchise that players weren’t able to empathize with yet. However, over time, players learn Abe’s point of view and her desire to kill Joel is as reasonable as any of the decisions Joel had to make in the original game.

It will be interesting to see how the characters are colored in relation to them Destinies and decisions taken in Our last 2. Naughty Dog could choose more to double down on its portrayal of Joel as a ruthless killer and show sequences from his past as he and Tommy torture bandits.

Either way, this is a decision that Naughty Dog would make, and it would spark more controversy for Joel if portrayed in a new light, even if it is a more accurate depiction of what players can’t easily see. Joel is a decent guy from the right perspective, but that’s not the only perspective on the character, and any perspective Naughty Dog would lean towards has yet to be seen.

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The Last of Us series on HBO may be considered a second remake

Strange, it seems as if the last of usThe live HBO series also serves as a sort of remake of the original. The set of images showed images of Boston streets with rickety vehicles falling off overgrowth, as well as specific images representing distinct moments and locations from the the last of us.

It’s not clear how loyal HBO plans to make its live-action adaptation, but some evidence has specified that it will branch out slightly from the story fans already know. New scenes can shed light on previously unrepresented relationships, such as that of Bill and Frank.

This will also help legitimize in the eyes of fans who feel the new version is redundant. In fact, if the original was to be reproduced snapshot for snapshot, it would seem repetitive. If a remake of the last of us Not released sometime this year As a recent rumor indicates, the HBO series will likely launch at a later date. This could give fans enough time to comment on his story with an overhaul of visuals and gameplay on next-gen consoles, and it might be interesting to see if the HBO series decides to follow the story line from the original. the last of us or a remake.

the last of us A remake is rumored to be in development for PS5.

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