The food delivery person seemed to be interrupting a college basketball game, but it might have been a joke

There was a fumble by McFlurry at a recent college basketball game at UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after it looked like a food delivery person was trying to overthrow a McDonald’s order on the court.

On January 26, during the second half of a men’s Atlantic 10 game between the Loyola Ramblers and Ducson Dukes, someone who appeared to be a delivery guy interrupted an energetic play by strolling onto the field with a bag and a McDonald’s drink.

“I can’t say for sure, but it really looks like someone came out onto the field with a Doordash delivery in the middle of a Loyola/Duquesne game,” chirp Sports Illustrated reporter Kevin Sweeney, along with a photo from the bizarre moment.

Directly behind the just-successful Loyola player, a man in a yellow jacket, khakis, and sneakers with a bag of McDonald’s and soda in one hand strolls down the basketball court.

“I’m in the building and can confirm that it was a great restaurant [sic] guy,” chirp Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Abby Schnabel in response to Sweeney. “Handed us some McDonald’s. We’re not sure how it got to Earth.”

Responses to Sweeney included commentary being picked up by sportscasters as the action unfolded.

reads a tweet Which shares a clip of timeout calls and confusion outbreaks.

“Someone came on the floor, on the far side. Looking for an Uber Eats delivery service or something? There, carrying some McDonald’s,” Duquesne play host Tim Benz said in the clip. “I’m actually not kidding. I think that’s what happens.”

“Oh, this must be one of the all-time greats,” says analyst Ellis Cannon. “Is he going to hand McDonald’s over to someone in court?”

“Well, you know what, Ellis? We deserve a break today,” Benz told the co-anchor, referring to an old McDonald’s logo.

At this point, what is clear is that someone brought a bag of McDonald’s and drank it to court, but what is not clear is the reason.

Uber Eats didn’t immediately respond to’s request for comment, but it did join in the social media fun.

Nothing but a network. chirp Uber Eats in response to the viral clip.

Was it a joke? probably.

Other angles of the viral moment were captured on camera, with another theory – that the outage wasn’t a delivery driver at all, but an attempted viral video by some online prankster.

“Everyone keeps asking me what happened with the door dash guy on the field at tonight’s game. Here was my angle,” he said. chirp Austin Hansen, Assistant Director of Athletics for Content Development and Broadcast Operations for the Loyola Ramblers. His video captured a close-up of a moment, the man wandering onto the field and a stadium employee stopping the man before he wandered off mid-game.

“1. I didn’t order McDonald’s, even though steps were ‘delivered’ from my camera site,” Says Hansen in a follow-up tweet.

“2. This kid was obviously pulling a prank on Youtube/TikTok. You can see he’s wearing a microphone, and many students were filming him with their phones.” chirp. Other people seem to agree with this assertion, with many on social media agreeing it was a joke It was uncommon. “3. They didn’t throw him out. He just walked back into the stands with a McDonald’s in his hand.”

Hansen continues his mini-chat by warning others who might see this as an invitation to roam other gaming fields in the future.

“4. I personally would take offense at anyone else who did this,” Hansen said chirp. “Just let the athletes play the game without worrying about being harmed by a stray delivery guy.”

Overall, whether this was a joke or an honest but deeply misguided attempt at food delivery, some people on social media were stuck wondering what was really important — at least to them.

“Were the fries still warm?” Twitter user he wondered. “An important question when it comes to McDonald’s fries.”

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