The Jets will start Joe Flacco at QB in the season finale

FLOURHAM PARK, NJ – In a recent twist to their ever-changing quarterback position, the New York Jets have decided to start Joe Flaco — Not Mike White — in their final game on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

White was ruled out Friday after aggravating a previous rib injury on a sack at the end of the first half in Sunday’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks, according to head coach Robert Saleh.

“He’s in a lot of pain,” Saleh said, adding that the injury “clearly affected his ability to throw the ball” in the second half.

Ex writer Zack Wilsoninactive last week, will be the number 2 quarterback.

Explaining why he chose Flacco over Wilson, Salih said he wanted Wilson to bench twice, to focus on 2023. The chaotic offensive line stance was likely a factor in the decision as well. left tackle Duane Brown (shoulder), correct tackle George Fant (knee) and right guard Nate Herbig (calf) – All appetizers – were left out.

“I want to get him into the off-season so we can attack the plan we’ve been building,” Saleh said of Wilson. “Getting him out there right now isn’t going to do him any good; it’s not going to do anyone. For Zach, it’s all about 23.”

The Jets could have three quarterbacks for a game if they moved up Chris Striveler from the coaching staff, as they have done for the past two weeks.

The match has no deciding effects on the Jets (7-9), who were eliminated last week after their fifth consecutive defeat. However, it does have some symmetry. They started the season with Flacco due to injury, and now they will finish with him for the same reason.

Flacco, 37, is undecided about his future, so this could be the final game of his distinguished career, which includes a Super Bowl MVP award with the Baltimore Ravens.

New York would finish the season with three quarterbacks who started at least four games each – Flaco (four), White (four), and Wilson (nine).

It is the second time in the past four weeks that White has been ruled out on Friday with broken ribs. After getting injured on December 11, he was preparing to start the next week but could not get a pass from the doctors. He ended up missing two games, as Wilson stepped in after he was benched.

Wilson was benched again, as Salih returned to White for last week’s must-win game against the Seahawks. White threw two interceptions and completed just 23 of 46 passes for 240 yards, as he appeared to be affected by a rib injury.

Saleh said he does not guess his decision to play with Al-Abyad in such an important game.

“He felt good and looked really good in the first half, and then it got worse again,” Saleh said. “You could play the premise: Was it a foul? He still played good football in the first half. But we knew the risk that if he re-aggravated it wouldn’t be good – and it re-aggravated.”

On Monday, Saleh said White “should be ready to go Sunday,” but red flags were raised when the planes canceled White’s usual Thursday media access. Later, the injury report said he was downgraded to “limited” in practice. Saleh was not present Thursday.

White revealed Friday that he had been playing with five broken ribs, one of them from an old injury. He said he tried to get over it this week, but realized on Thursday that throwing the ball hurts too much.

He said, “I can’t do what I want to be able to do.” “Guys deserve it. Guys deserve someone who can go out and play football.”

So the Jets turn back to Flacco, who started the first three games after Wilson had preseason knee surgery. He won one of the three starts, throwing five touchdowns and three interceptions. He played seven snaps in the December 11 loss to the Buffalo Bills, looking rusty and fumbling on a tape sack.

Overall, Flacco has 28.8 QBR, which ranks 37th out of 38 passers with at least 150 attempts.

Flacco, who spent part of the season as the third-string quarterback, said he was excited about his opportunity to start. He refused to speculate if it would be the last match of his career.

“I didn’t even think about it,” he said. “It was never my idea. At some point, the NFL is going to make the decision for you. I love playing football. That’s what I do.”

White’s time with the Jets may be over, as he will be an unrestricted free agent. He finished the season with a record of 1-3, along with three touchdown passes, four interceptions, a 59% completion rate, 1,192 yards, and 37.5 quarterbacks.

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