The new Verizon Connect AI Dashcam provides improved fleet management and safety capabilities

London Verizon Connect today announced that its new artificial intelligence (AI) Dashcam solution is now available in select countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Offering a suite of advanced fleet innovations, the AI ​​Dashcam provides more insight into dangerous events for fleet managers and provides drivers with real-time in-cab training alerts during high-risk driving behaviours.

The new Verizon Connect Dashcam uses advanced artificial intelligence to detect in real time potentially dangerous driving events and to enhance driver safety. Available to new and existing Reveal customers in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand, integrated video is available for use with two new camera models, including a road-facing-only camera – which can be upgraded with a driver-facing auxiliary camera – and a dual camera.

“The new Dashcam AI includes advanced features designed to enhance safety and provide deeper insight for fleet managers,” said Erin Keefe, Director of Product Management, Verizon Connect. “The new technology provides an important step to help our customers protect their fleets into the future.”

according to Verizon Connect’s 2023 Fleet Technology Trends Report, The transportation industry has been a leader in adopting video technology over the past three years, with 70% of those surveyed using it to improve driver safety. Another 68% use it to protect their business from false claims and 44% have adopted it to reduce accidents.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) help monitor tailgating, pedestrians and cyclists, while the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) tracks distracted driving, phone use, fatigue and more. Recently launched single and dual camera model hardware features include:

  • Modular design: Easy upgrade from single road-facing camera to dual-camera functionality with driver-facing add-on.

  • Smaller, sleeker: Single device for both road and driver-facing pickups and easy self-installation with fewer cables or wires.

  • Future proof: Hardware will enable valuable improvements in the near future.

  • Privacy by Design: The new device comes with lens covers for privacy when video recordings are unwanted or not required.

  • In-Cab Audio Alerts: Drivers will be alerted of unsafe driving events in real time.

Verizon Connect’s AI Dashcam provides audio alerts to drivers when it detects unsafe driving, including signs of fatigue, distraction, and phone use and then tells drivers to take corrective action. Cloud-based AI distills data into useful insights and video footage is automatically analyzed for severity and contextually flagged so managers know what’s important and actionable to improve driver safety. Customers can automatically submit video footage of incidents to the platform so that it can be reviewed by the appropriate people and managers. In the event of a driver’s reckless driving, the manager can use the footage to coach and discuss safety habits.

Verizon Connect continues to recognize product innovation. In the past two years, Verizon Connect has won nine industry awards. The awards highlight the organization and recognize the Reveal and Integrated Video facing Dashcam programs as products that set Verizon Connect apart from the competition by providing more than just vehicle and asset tracking data. Prizes include: IoT Breakthrough Awards M2M in Vehicle Remote IT Solution of the YearAnd Food logistics, the best software and technology providers of 2021And Best New Product or Service of the Year: Automotive, Transportation, Warehousing, and Logistics for the 6th Annual America’s Best Business Awards And TechRadar’s Best GPS Tracking Solutions of 2022.

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