The newly added Game Pass has been added to the amazing Metacritic Score

Microsoft game arcade The subscription service has a few different versions available. There is vanilla Xbox Game Pass, which gives subscribers access to more than 100 games on Xbox. Then there is PC Game Pass, which is the same concept but for PC gamers. Finally, there’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines vanilla Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and other services together for one all-inclusive package.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get the most for their money When it comes to new Game Pass add-ons, they can access everything on PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass without having to pay for both. Sometimes there are some high-quality games released for one service without the other, as is the case with one of the latest additions to PC Game Pass.

Today’s video games

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on May 17 Microsoft added five games to Game Pass. jurassic world evolution 2And Little witch in the forestAnd A special edition of the Umurangi generation It has been added for both PC and console players to check this out, while Ski It has been added to the cloud. However, one of the games added to Game Pass on May 17 is only available to PC Game Pass subscribers, and it is one of the highest-rated games that will be introduced to the service in May 2022.

Interactive movie game her story It was added to PC Game Pass on May 17th. The PC version of the game has a Metacritic rating of 86, while the iOS version has a rating of 91. No matter how you break it down, her story It was a decisive blow, with the game also receiving several awards at the time of its release. Most notably, the game award her story Best Feature Film and Best Performance, with Viva Seifert receiving the latter award for her role as Hannah Smith.

her story It was never released on consoles, so it makes sense that it’s only available on PC Game Pass and not the vanilla Xbox Game Pass. It’s not a demanding game that requires a high-powered PC, so even those who usually play on consoles and don’t have a gaming PC can still check it out if they wish.

For those who may not be familiar with the game, her story It is a unique narrative-driven experience where everything unfolds through the files on your desktop computer. Players can interact with multiple files on the computer, but the primary focus is on police interviews with Hannah Smith, who has lost her husband. It’s an interesting way to tell a story through a gaming medium, and fans of story-driven games should make it a point to check it out with computer games arcade If they haven’t already done so.

In particular , her storyboss , Sam BarlowShe’s working on a new game called immortality This will be the first day of the Xbox Game Pass release. The other Barlow game, telling liesAlso available on Game Pass, subscribers will soon be able to play through some of Barlow’s most popular games.

her story Available on computers and mobile devices.

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