The price of the Nest Wifi router and Google remote points is $100

There are so many ways to start your weekend off right, and it’s no surprise that one of our favorites is here at Deals about to happen With some high quality tech deals. First is the Google Nest Wifi Mesh Router System. Wellbots has a few different configurations of Nest Wifi available with special discounts, including Standalone router for only $119 (50$ off when you use the code 50 degrees when exiting), the A router and an additional point to extend the mesh network for $ 189 ($80 with code 80 degrees), and the Router plus 2 points for $249 (Discount $100 with the code 100 degrees).

The important thing here is to choose the right setup for your home depending on the amount of space you need to cover. The Nest Wifi Router by itself is rated to cover up to 2,200 square feet, adding just one point to the mix extends to 3800. A home with a difficult layout or thick walls may benefit from a point or two to extend the mesh network, even if it’s not a huge area . There’s another benefit to adding a point to the equation — each one acts as a smart speaker for playing music, podcasts, and accessing the Google Assistant. So when it comes to choosing which of these Wi-Fi 5-enabled settings is right for you, consider the factors of coverage, convenience, and cost that are right for you. Read our review.

Google Nest Wifi router package

The Nest Wifi router and Google Point Extender have a modest design. The router has two Ethernet ports, while the point can be used as a smart speaker. Use symbols 50 degrees And 80 degrees For discounts at checkout from Wellbots.

A lot happens on 1Password’s subscription to the Services. New customers can subscribe and get 1 year of 1Password’s password manager service 50 percent off the individual plan or 50% off family plan. Both are billed annually, with the family plan offering particularly good value if you need more than one account.

The The Single Plan deal gives you one personal account with access across unlimited devices at just $17.94 for the first year From service, unlike the regular $36. As for the The family plan, you get five accounts for $30 for the first year Instead of the usual $60. We’ve seen these 1Password deals drop 60 percent before, so while this deal isn’t the best, it’s pretty close. If you need to protect your personal data in an easy way to create secure passwords (And we are all tooIt’s a good way to go.

1 password

1Password Subscription (Family Plan, Annual Cost)

A 1Password family subscription gives up to five people individual access to 1Password’s services. This time-limited deal is usually $5 per month, which brings the price down to $2 per month for up to a year.

If you have an Xbox Series X or Series S and want to install a lot of games at once, the built-in storage can start to feel a lot bigger than it seems on paper at first. Many AAA titles are 60GB or more in size each, and some look like Call of Duty Warzone. Call of duty It consumes approximately 100 GB on its own. Yes you Could you Plug in a USB hard drive and empty some games into cold storage, but they have to go back to the internal SSD when it’s time to play.

So, if you really want more storage, Seagate’s Xbox 2 TB expansion card, which usually goes for $399.99, is the Currently discounted to $380.90 on Amazon. I know that’s still a pretty penny for 2000GB (or roughly 21 other copies of Call of Duty Warzone. Call of duty), but these small expansion cards rarely go on sale. It’s also just as fast as the Xbox Series X and S’s internal storage, and attaches to the back of the console – so there’s no unsightly USB cable and drive next to your Xbox.

Planning a fun vacation or excursion for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend? If you want something to help you record some memories while doing fun outdoor activities, GoPro Hero 10 Black with Extra Battery and Dual Battery Charger for $399.99 in amazon.

This is GoPro’s latest action camera, and while it looks a lot like the previous Hero 9, it’s much faster thanks to its GP2 processor. Hero 10 Black shoots up to 5.3K 60fps and up to 120fps slow motion in 4K. It also keeps that front screen over its predecessor, so framing the shot when mounting the camera on something like a bike is a lot easier. One of the few drawbacks of the Hero 10 is its average battery life, but that’s one of the reasons this is such a great deal—for about $400, you get an extra battery, plus a dual charger to easily keep the two packs ready—ready and ready. Read our review.

GoPro Hero 10 Black

GoPro Hero 10 Black brings a new processor that makes it possible to shoot in 4K at 120 frames per second.

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