The professor says mental health help can prevent workplace violence

“People are hurting and struggling. We have to get to the root of these issues when we talk about violence in the workplace,” said Dr. John Nanny.

Maryland Heights, Missouri – “It’s very sad,” Dr. John Nanny, associate professor and director of Community Psychological Service at University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL), he said.

Nanny talks about the shooting at the Dobbs Tire and Auto Center in Maryland Heights.

Police tell 5 On Your Side that a 23-year-old employee pulled a gun and shot and killed a 52-year-old colleague after an argument Wednesday morning.

“This is not a surprise. People are suffering,” Nani said.

Nani also said, “The biggest determinant of who will engage in the kind of violence we’ve seen today is whether they have weapons available to them.”

The UMSL professor said that this incident shows that a worker can become violent on the job especially if he is armed with a weapon.

Moreover, he said that spotting the warning signs is not easy.

“It’s really difficult to identify individuals who are at risk of engaging in violence in the workplace given that, given the right circumstances, many of us are at risk of engaging in any kind of violence,” Nane said.

Statistics show that as of October 2022, in the United States, there were two million victims of workplace violence each year.

Mortality rates for men due to workplace violence were about 75% higher than for women. Also, 68% of workers worldwide felt unsafe at work.

Currently on the UMSL campus, Nani said, their clinic is seeing increasing numbers of people suffering from anger, aggression, and other mental issues.

The issues Nani said he believes more companies should address them to help ensure their workplaces are safe places.

“I think the best prevention is better mental health care across the board,” Nani said.

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