The Tigers pursued Jean Segura prior to the Marlins trade

Marlin and players Jean Segura agreed for a two-year, $17 million deal last week, but it appears the Tigers were also interested in his services. report from Barry Jackson and Craig Mish from the Miami Herald He points out that Detroit is after Segura but the South Florida resident told the Marlins he was willing to play them, which eventually led to a trade.

Although the Tigers ultimately failed in their pursuit of Segura, it’s still worth noting that they considered upgrading their lineup via free agency since they may now be turning to remaining options. The fact that they are looking to make improvements is not at all surprising given how dismal the club has been in the past year. Collectively, they hit .231/.286/.346 for a WRC+ of 81, which is dead last in the majors.

Up to this point in the off-season, their focus has been more on the show side. They signed Matthew Boyd And the Michael Lorenzen To enhance their rotation, as their most important move on the player’s side was possession Tyler Nevin from the Orioles. Although they are hoping for rebound campaigns from players like Javier BaezAnd the Austin Meadows And the Aqil BaduIt also makes sense that they would look for external plugins.

As of now, the Detroit projects are likely to show up Spencer Turkelson At first, Jonathan Scoop On second and Bayes short, with third base possibly falling to Ryan Cridler. The hot corner was inhabited Jim Candelario Even it was not shown and signed by the Nats. Kreidler played second, third and third last year and could take over for Candelario, though, with Nevin, Zack ShortAnd the Cody ClemensAnd the Andy Ibanez or Andrey Lepsius They are on 40 men and there can be too.

Segura can fit into this mix in many different ways. He’s been primarily a second baseman for the past few years and could have hit Schaub at number one, which is where he’s played most of 2021. However, he set elite defensive marks in the cornerstones last year, with his Outs Above Average giving him a grade of + An incredible 27, the best of all fielders in the league. Segura is also a solid second baseman and would have given the club an excellent right side of the field, although that would likely involve Schoop and Torkelson grabbing first base and designated hitting slots on most days, Miguel Cabrera out of line at what is It is likely to be his last season.

Another possibility was that the Tigers simply placed Segura at third base. He doesn’t have a lot of experience in the position but the Marlins seem to have enough faith in his abilities at the hot corner. Planning install it there. In this scenario, Kreidler could have been moved to a companion role or returned to the minors. His first 26 MLB games resulted in a hitting streak of just .178/.244/.233, so it might make sense to at least have backup plans in place if he continues to struggle. Same goes for Torkelson, who hit . 203/. 285/. 319 in his first 110 league games.

Segura is the latest in a series of hacks that have also been linked to tigers. The club was too I mentioned interest in a Adam Frazier who has now signed with the Orioles and Will Myers Who will be with the Reds in 2023? Brian Anderson It was also listed among their targets, who were still available. Now that the Tigers have missed Segura, Myers, and Frazier, they can go back to Anderson, or look for other players like Josh HarrisonAnd the Donovan Solano or Rougned scent. None of these players are likely to break the bank and the Tigers should have some wiggle room on the payroll. It is currently priced at $124 million, according to accounts list resourceSouth’s $135 million opening day last year, per Cradle baseball contracts.

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