Things to do in ‘Destiny 2’ before secret season 17, will fall tomorrow

While we’re sitting around waiting for Bungie’s last minute reveal about season 17 In Destiny 2, if you want to do some final checklist quests before tomorrow’s season starts, there’s a long list of random quests you can try to accomplish if you want to prepare in one of several different ways.

While the story is unknown, we do know some basics in terms of both Destiny 2’s regular seasonal setup and some other upcoming changes:

Focus on resilience shield – While I’m not saying mastering a full range or anything like that, changes to flexibility to reduce controversy significantly could be a huge boost, and you might want a bunch of PvP or some configuration, especially on Titan where it will recharge the special barrier your more quickly. You can focus Umbrals for seasonal ascending armor using the Ghost shell mod. I’ve routinely earned 25+ shields and it would be easy to hit 100 that way.

Implanting fortified weapons in the connection – Depending on whether you’re Team Solar or Arc 3.0, you can start infusing your favorite weapons from those items to 1550+ from 1350 if they’re sitting in your vault. But even if that’s not the case, we know that a number of weapons get buffs like the Skyburner Oath, Prometheus Lens, and Xenophage that are worth a try, regardless of the item. Machine guns and tracking guns also get buffs overall, with hints that they’ll also be getting anti-hero mods this season.

Save Trials Engrams Old trick, but good. You should be able to stack beta engrams and turn them into Rahool when the new season kicks off to get the new Fusion, Sidearm, or pieces from the above three new armor sets we know coming this season.

Get all your Engrams – Well this one me I just learned after writing this. I think all your saved engrams from Zavala, Shaxx and Drifter go a long way, so be sure to claim them. Lotta red bars are there, if you need them, usually.

Bounty Stack – Although Bungie has discouraged this somewhat lately, you can still get your reward stack for racing through the lower levels of the Season Pass quickly, which usually unlocks boosts for seasonal activity and access some weapons early. Just remember to have an XP Booster on your Ghost when you turn it on, and a fireteam XP bonus if you can swing it too.

well construction element – I’d consider a loose framework of solar or arc elements based on your personality, complete with anything weird about solar or arc you want to use (like I said, I still rely on Solar 3.0). As void 3.0 showed, the primary well structures are The The thing is now for big boosts and ability recharges, and I have to imagine the same would be true for Solar or Sagittarius, no matter what the new sides and shards do.

Clear Transmog Rewards – Use them or lose them. We only get 10 free combos per season, so you can also ditch the last few if you have time.

coins stack crafting – We know we’ll likely get more than 12 new weapons to craft this season if all seasonal weapons and dungeons use this system. As such, I have 10,000 neutrals saved and 10 ascending slugs, so I instantly get whatever perks I want from early favourites. You can of course also save the final red frames in your storage for more additions, and we be Get an extra 100 basement spaces this time, so that it feels less bad than it used to be.

Well, that’s all I’ve been working on. You obviously don’t. You have To do any of this and can just… run the season normally when it starts, but if you want to set up somehow it won’t be a waste of time, here you go.

see you tomorrow. will be unruly.

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