Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 1.06 update adds new vending machines and more for version on May 19


There are two ways we provide updates to players: one will be weekly changes that will cover smaller mods, and one will be downloadable updates to the game which will include bug fixes and more impactful changes.

This downloadable update will include support for Content Drop 2 version of Season CouponAnd Tiny Tina’s Wonderland: Glutton’s Gamble*, many bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Special vending machines have been added to the Loot Room at the end of mess room; Each machine has a Legend of the Week for sale which will change every Thursday by 9:00 AM PT.
  • Mission reward equipment is now more likely to appear in standard vending machines
  • The throwable hole can now be cast with magic and can now be enchanted in Re-Roller
  • Various quest rewards can now be dropped as if enchanted and can be enchanted in Re-Roller
  • The Mushroom Healer completed his mushroom experiments and found it worthy of the name: Mike, a Okay mushroom name

In addition to this support, a few changes were made that we wanted to specifically mention based on feedback from the community:

Several reported rare incidents have been fixed, including those related to the following:

  • Accidental malfunction may occur when switching between display modes
  • Tabbing after searching for a friend SHiFT
  • Exit to desktop after character invention
  • Using the Character Creator button a few times quickly
  • Switch to mailing list from social list
  • [Console Only] Quickly switch between split screen control menu tabs
  • [Xbox Only] Activation timeouts

Addressing the following reported concerns:

  • Storm Storm will not fall from the World Loot Pool. Only a drop was allocated before this change
  • The Fate Spell will not heal Fatemakers properly while doing Dark Magic damage
  • Fake will sometimes allow players not to be targeted by enemies for longer than intended
  • Achievements are not awarded consistently for “Walk the Stalk”, “The Trial of Crooked-Eyed Phil”, “The Ditcher” and “Complete is next to Godliness”
  • Achievements are not consistently awarded to level milestones
  • Potential blocker when saving/loading can occur during ‘Thy Bard with a Vengeance’
  • Mobly Dick quest item can sometimes go out of bounds
  • Drawbridge blocked in Brightov from closing after St. Valentine’s day He made an effort to lure him into opening it.
  • Progression blocker blocked while “walking on leg” if Fatemaker didn’t pick up a file the father
  • Barrel will sometimes disappear for some breakfast makers while “ingredient X-barrel breaks”
  • A scalar has been added to Chaos Chamber to increase the number of enemies that appear in co-op mode
  • Chaos Trial The level will not update automatically
  • Endless dungeon altars sometimes throw crystals from players for ammo and health altars in co-op that you don’t use
  • In some cases Fatemakers will not save the expected and will revert back to its previous state
  • Instances of unintentionally duplicated items
  • Prevent players from unintentionally deleting characters
  • Issues related to reporting players in the list list
  • The Fatimid makers who joined the game during the front of the table still have their information display screen visible
  • Various UI tweaks and improvements
  • Various sound effect adjustments
  • Various telemetry improvements
  • Various audio changes and adjustments
  • Various performance and stability improvements
  • [PlayStation®5 Only] Variable refresh rate support added for PlayStation®5
  • [DLC] Fatemakers sometimes appear at the wrong entrance in Dreamveil Overlook
  • [DLC] Fatimon makers will be able to enter the portal early and face the blocker
  • [DLC] Fatemakers will be sent to the wrong store page when interacting with mirrors for content they don’t own
  • [DLC] Fatemakers who did not own DLC content will not be able to consistently join a Faktemaker who did
  • [DLC] Progression blocker can occur when fighting “best friends”
  • …and more!

Chapter edits:

Addressing the following class-specific concerns that were reported:

  • Burr Zirkers He won’t stay mad when multiplying to Graveborn and using the movement skill “Reaper of Bones”
  • Sport WardenMushroom pet will not clean by itself after using mushroom spore attack for all players
  • ClawbringerStorm Smite will not properly switch between Fire and Shock damage. The circles on Storm Smite have also been corrected to match the expected visuals and type of damage.
  • GriffburnThe bonus for the “Tempered Faithful Skill” can sometimes accumulate indefinitely
  • The Graveborn ‘Harvest’ killing skill can be inadvertently stacked indefinitely
  • Stabbomancer‘Follow’ stacks will unintentionally appear with lightning chain effect on Dahlia SM Live Wire

Sahar – Sport Warden:

  • Spore Warden has been modified from receiving a chance to explode in gun damage and abilities to having a chance only with Gun Damage. We found that rewards have unintended damage when combined with other abilities.

Zerker justified:

Blast Chill and Blast Gasp (for Graveborn) can overlap and measure damage outside the expected range at the end of the game when combined with other damage metrics. The changes below focus on making combat attacks a bit stronger during mid-game and at Chaos Chamber.

  • The Blast Chill has been modified to give a chance to cast Nova on melee attacks, instead of firing it at all sources of melee damage.
  • Brutality increased to do 6% for each point of melee damage
  • Damage received from attacks when approaching enemies while using ancient methods has been reduced to 40%
  • Iron Storm attack speed increased to 4% per skill point

Sport Warden:

  • Nature’s Wrath has been modified to deal an increased 10% damage per skill point
  • Increased Affinity Ability Damage to grant 9% per point to grant extra power in the early game
  • Bullseye critical hit chance increased to 12% per point


  • Changed the Flame Cleanup action skill to do firefight damage instead of just melee damage
  • Increased Awe Critical Hit chance to 13% per point
  • Increased Awe critical hit damage to 7% per point
  • Increased Dedication Work skill cooldown rate with max wing to 6%
  • Dragon Aura Elemental damage increased to 5% per point
  • Scale damage reduction increased to 4% per point
  • Thunder bonus melee damage increased to 6% per point
  • Spike gun damage increased to 10% per point
  • Increased Storm Breathing damage reduction to 15% per point


  • Explosive ability damage adjusted at 7% per point to compensate for additional skill bug fixes
  • The Dark Magic harvest bonus has been increased to 5% per point. This brings the additional magic damage up to 30% total with the maximum number of stacks.
  • Increased Soul Spot to cause 5% Dark Magic Damage bonus per point


  • Increased melee damage of the Etheric blade to 150% of your melee weapon
  • Ghost Blade’s weapon damage increased to 85%


  • Double knot modified to do 4% gun damage bonus on critical spell hits

Weekly sessions:

Weekly event! This limited-time in-game mini-event will be from May 19 to June 2 at 9:00 AM PT.

  • Activate the in-game mini-event: Armor Up!
    • Increases the chance of armor dropping and the chance of class modification for your current character.
    • Note: Because classes are distributed between light, medium, and heavy armor types, Fatemakers will still likely find plenty of armor that fit other classes on a 1 out of 3 rate. For best results, pair matching friends with your class/subclass!

The featured show for Clutter Room has been updated! Everyone is on board the chaos train, but be warned this train doesn’t stop! At least not for a second. The leaderboard has been reset. Will it top the charts this week?

Premium tournaments are available in Chaos Chamber after completing the main story, and rotate weekly every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT. They are the same for all players, so jump in and see how your run goes compared to other Fatemakers!

  • This run features Oculus and Mushroom Monster. We’ll let you know who the two bosses are this week! Get ready for a new extended tour of the chaos room!

Change notes:

  • We have modified the Wheel of Destiny to drop more items along with lunar and gold orbs.
  • Removed redundant mission tags for “The Slayer of Vorcanar”
  • Hawkin’s Wrath damage booster removed from May 5 hotfix. This had to be removed to address the crash we’ve seen affecting Xbox players. We’ll investigate how to properly address this in a future patch.

Frost Weapon Mods:

Frost does damage over time, but we only found some Frost guns, like Liquid Cooling, that were accidentally balanced as if that wasn’t the case. We’ll be tweaking those weapons up so that they still do roughly the same damage. Queens Cray specifically was erroneously reduced because elemental damage was included, but not during balancing. It has increased its damage to compensate for this error. We’re intent on tweaking the Fragment Rain in a later hotfix after we take a look at the SMG scale at Chaos Chamber.

  • Frost damage volume adjustment for guns by -5.9%
  • Increased damage amount from Liquid Cooling by +7.8%.
  • Queen’s Cry damage damage increased by +22.3%

* Glutton’s Gamble is included with file Chaos Great Edition from Wonders of Tiny Tina And it is included as part of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Season Pass. Also available for individual purchase. Base game required.

source: play wonders

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