Top 10 Reddit Reactions to Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Trailer

Fans of Christopher Nolan were excited about his new project, Oppenheimer, no matter what, but the ominous trailer and the unique way it was announced left them all the more intriguing. With the live stream now starting to count down the months and days until the movie’s release in July 2023, fans were already broadcasting their thoughts on the movie based on the short teaser.

From the delight to how good the acting is to the concerns about Nolan’s reputation for incoherent dialogue, Redditors have a lot to say about him. Oppenheimer and innovative marketing campaign.

How much will Oppenheimer be in black and white?

Oppenheimer movie trailer hat

Today display

One of the most interesting aspects of the humor is that its scenes depicting Oppenheimer are all shown in black and white, possibly reflecting the WWII era in which the autobiography is set as well as noting the re-use of monochrome by Nolan, who also used this technique in his first film in 1998 next.

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One redditor He was curious as to whether the entire movie would be presented in this way or whether “the whole movie would be in black and white except for the explosions”. With the red fire also affecting the trailer, Nolan may be planning to break with black and white tradition in order to give those momentous moments even more impact.

Kylian Murphy has super eyes

William Murphy covers his eyes from the camera flash in Oppenheimer's joke

thanks for the Killian Murphy’s amazing performance in movies Such as after 28 days And the A Quiet Place Part Two, the Irish actor has become deservedly known as one of the best workers today. That’s why many were excited to see him meet Christopher Nolan, who he had worked with before DunkirkAnd the beginningso is Batman Movies.

redditor stnrawabuntu Pointing out another reason Murphy makes an excellent casting decision, he picks a moment from the trailer where “Cillian’s eyes flash light at the end is pretty creepy.” The actor looks really haunted as camera flashes light up his face and suggest that representing his face is something Nolan thought of when choosing one of his best assistants.

Will Oppenheimer provide the voice of Christopher Nolan’s controversial?

Christopher Nolan behind the camera while filming Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan is widely considered one of the The best directors of the first decade of the twenty-first centuryOne of the problems with his recent films that fans and critics alike have raised is that the mixed sound in his films often makes the dialogue unintelligible. In erotic novels such as tenetIt was annoying, but in a potentially dialogue-packed drama like Oppenheimer, fans worry it might be a bigger problem.

redditor slow magic 24 They expressed an opinion that many felt by saying that they hoped the “dialogue in this would be understood”. The trailer has moments where the lines are too obvious but also some moments where loud sound effects make words unheard, meaning fans are divided between worry and cautious optimism about this.

Can Christopher Nolan live up to another Trinity scene?

Twin Peaks The Return Part 8's Trinity Nuclear Test Explosion

Countless movies and TV shows have shown atomic explosions before, including the Trinity nuclear test in which Oppenheimer took part. No doubt Nolan would want to know the true impact of such a horrific and monumental event. Some fans feel there is one scene that Nolan has no chance of matching, and that’s the Trinity Explosion filmed in Twin Peaks Episode “Back Part 8”.

redditor Dura stomach 7116 He suggests that even with the hefty budget and star power of Nolan, he “still can’t get close to” Twin Peaks The scene that came from Avant Garde director David Lynch’s mind. The Lynch scene is a lesson in making the audience uncomfortable and panicked so some fans think Nolan would be smart at taking notes.

It seems that Oppenheimer continues to charm Nolan over time

Oppenheimer Trailer The world changes forever

Christopher Nolan is an incredibly versatile director who has managed to get comfortable with superhero movies like thought-provoking dramas. Despite this, there are a few themes that the director seems to return to over and over again and one of the biggest is time, which appears at the heart of the multi-time design souvenir And the sci-fi epic that bends time Interstellar.

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redditor Mossingback He was a fan who noticed that he was also placed in the center OppenheimerUnique Marketing. In response to the notable countdown in the teaser, they commented “Man, Nolan is obsessed with the concept of time.” Besides the movie due out in mid-July, on the anniversary of the Trinity nuclear test, it’s clearly something Nolan has thought of.

Christopher Nolan is living the dream

oppenheimer head

No one can get into Christopher Nolan’s movies But there is no doubt that he is one of the most successful directors of the 21st century which is why he has been rewarded with the opportunity to make films like Oppenheimerwhich can be hard to sell naturally to producers even in the age of big-budget blockbusters like Elvis.

That’s why he loves Redditors throw lazaretto I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate this fact, by saying that it was “a filmmaker’s dream to strike a balance between big budget and classic filmmaking.” If Nolan can strike the right balance Oppenheimerhe might make a classic in the process.

How historically accurate would Oppenheimer be?

Biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer and Christopher Nolan is based on

Oppenheimer had a way with words, and his quote “I become death, destroyer of worlds” is one of the most powerful quotes in history. Unfortunately, this also led to some misconceptions and fictional versions of events that are not entirely true, something Redditors hope the movie will avoid.

user getBusyChild He wonders how they would film the vault scene during the Trinity audition and whether Cillian Murphy would “actually say what Oppenheimer said” which was reportedly a regular comment about the effectiveness of the audition and not a quote from the later famous Bhagavad Gita. It may be a moment when Nolan chooses precision over impact.

Oppenheimer would be perfect for IMAX

Killian Murphy Oppenheimer

Nolan has been at the forefront when it comes to creating cinematic scenes of the highest quality throughout his career. Given his reputation for making the show, the marketing for Oppenheimer is notably marked by the fact that it was filmed for IMAX, something they know will thrill movie fans.

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Includes fans like Redditor that’s it, who’s grateful to see “Nolan brings fire back to the imax screens, and you bet I’ll sit there watching the spectacle.” Even with the trailer with epic visual quality and some truly stunning shots, it seems to be another Nolan movie that requires watching on the largest screen possible.

Some have questions about the countdown to release

Scene from Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan with countdown on screen

It’s not unusual for a teaser to show how far away a movie’s release is, but many are stunned to see the livestream that appears to show the teaser trailer in an episode actually showing a different number each time, counting down toward the movie’s 2023 release date.

redditor Poland 626 He summed up everyone’s astonishment by saying, “This countdown is changing!” Then it asks if it will “continue until it reaches 0?” This would make it a live event for about a year that, while not unprecedented on YouTube, would show a lot of commitment on the part of the film’s marketing team.

Oppenheimer’s launch is too far

Explosion color Oppenheimer movie trailer

Next year is about to be one of the well-deserved awards for movies So movie buffs enjoyed discussing and speculating on future titles like Oppenheimer. However, it is true that the marketing of the film has heightened the excitement too given the length of time leading up to the release of the film.

That’s why he loves Redditors funkhero They are left asking, “Wouldn’t anyone else find this too early for this type of marketing?” List of crazy cast for Oppenheimer This teaser is great to add to the hype but there is concern that it may start to run out by the time the movie’s release date approaches.

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