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Your guide to the seven men’s college basketball tournaments at the start of the 2022-23 season –

football chase

Bordeaux gets its first look at six interesting players –

3-2-1: Increasing competition with Iowa. And the boot camp is here! –

Purdue announces training camp schedule

Purdue 2022 schedule –

What is the future of college football? Over 200 coaches, players and administrators respond –

Bordeaux Football: 10 potential breakout players to watch in camp –

The pursuit of employment

2025 striker Trent Cecily visited Bordeaux on Monday –

Four-star quarterback Ricky Collins dismantles Purdue –

Recruitment review after the summer: the midfielder –

Olympic / other

Some elite college athletes face the option of exchanging nil fortunes for a portion of future earnings –

New Slim Chickens and Panera passes approved for West Lafayette –

Purdue announces finalists for police chief

Boiler makers are born today

Dale Samuels (1931) Midfielder, football

Bob Hope (1943) Defensive Intervention, Football

Larry Orr (1951) Defensive Intervention, Football

Mike Koller (1965) Defensive Intervention, Football

George Hall (1984) Linebacker, football

Joey Elliott (1986) Midfielder, football

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