Weekend PC Game Deals: Huge Discounts, Coupons & Free Trip to Borderlands

Weekend PC Game Deals It’s where the hottest gaming deals from all over the internet are bundled into one place, every week, for your consumption. So sit back, relax and grab your wallet.

Humble Game Bundle Offer

With the middle of the year fast approaching, prepare for another road trip filled with sales coming from every angle. Let’s start things off simply with the latest Humble bundle titled Yore . battles.

This RPG and Strategy games collection starts off strong with Tyranny – Deluxe Edition And Crossbow: Night of Blood for 1 dollar. Paying the average price, currently around $7, brings you Ember And Bulby Quest: The Crusades. It costs $13 to complete the set, and that adds a bump Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Plus Edition, Royal Ascension and Wildcards DLC content, Jordan Quest, And Domain of Glory: Empires.

If RPGs aren’t your thing, the Springtime Indies . Package It might be right up your alley, which has games like Monster Paper, Recompile, Arietta of Spirits, and others. Weeks left in the packet timer before it disappears. Other charitable groups such as portable games And Type 1 diabetes support Packages are still active too.

Borderlands 3 for free on the Epic Store

Epic Games kicked off their annual mega sale this week to promote deep discounts, a new coupon (a rather silent one), and plenty of prestigious gifts. The first major free gifts turned into a copy of Borderlands 3.

This entry takes you back from Gearbox Software’s co-op shooter series for a Vault Hunting session and boss hit. Up to four players can join together to take on the different roles of an all-new group of Vault Hunters. This is the base game, so expect to see plenty of DLC and expansions available for purchase.

The Borderlands 3 The donation continues until Thursday, May 26th. Epic Games is keeping the next freebie around yet again, teasing when another major title is revealed.

Free events

Three free games this weekend COD Vanguard Stellaris and State of Decay 2

It’s a free event packed weekend this time, full of strategy, zombie survival and shooting options.

Call of Duty: Multiplayer Vanguard He’s back with another round of free access. You can play all maps and modes until May 24th via Battle.net. Also free to play this weekend only State of Decay 2: Leviathan EditionUndead Labs’ community management and survival game at the end of the zombie apocalypse.

If grand strategy is your thing, then enter Paradox Interactive’s sci-fi Stellaris You also have a free weekend now. The essential game for you to experience the sixth anniversary celebration of the game. finally, Star Citizen It hosts the annual Invictus Free Fly event right now, presenting its world and nearly every ship available to experience.

great deals

With most major storefronts kicking off the sale season, the Epic Games and Ubisoft stores are where some of the best discounts are, at least for now.

Epic is back with an extension New Coupon for Huge Sales, but instead of the $10 off, you’re only charged 25% off the cart price if your game is above $14.99. However, Ubisoft released a $10 coupon this time at the “Legendary Sale,” offering it on any game that costs $15 or more from its own store when you use code LEGEND22 at checkout.

Keep the coupon and code in mind when browsing the discounted games in the list of great deals below:

DRM-free quality

It’s a regular weekend at GOG with its DRM-free games, but there are plenty of deals coming up for Bethesda games, CD Projekt projects, and more. Find the highlights below:

Keep in mind that the availability and price of some deals may vary depending on the region you are in.

And that’s all our pick of this weekend’s PC game deals for everyone, and we hope some of you have enough restraint not to break the bank and add new games to our ever-growing backlog. Of course, a huge number of other deals are ready and waiting if you comb the interwebs hard enough, so keep your eyes open for those, and have a great weekend.

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