What’s new on Netflix and top 10s: July 28, 2022

keep breathing netflix july 28 2022

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Ago Latest update for new versions On Netflix, 16 new titles have been added including a large number of great Netflix originals. We’re here to help you check out what’s new on Netflix and also take a look at what’s trending on top 10 Netflix releases on July 28, 2022.

Reminder, Not yet here this week includes Les Miserables Set to premiere over the weekend, a big new Netflix Original culminates this week Disconnected Starring Neil Patrick Harris.

There are no major takedowns over the coming days, but as we mentioned earlier in the week, over 60 movies are set to leave Netflix as August goes in, so check it out. See anything you need before they leave.

What to watch on Netflix on July 28, 2022

keep breathing (limited series)

Type: Adventure, drama and suspense
spit: Melissa Barrera, Jeff Welbush, Austin Stowell, Florencia Lozano, Juan Pablo Espinosa, Mike Dubod
the show length: 35 minutes

The big new release of the last few days of Netflix is keep breathing (also known as just same in some areas).

Coming from Warner Bros. TV. and Quinn’s House, the limited series (meaning there won’t be a season) follows a young woman who is stranded after her small plane crashes in central Alaska.

Melissa Barrera tops the list of actors and is famous for her looks last year in the heights Movie.

The most hated man on the internet (season 1)

Type: documentary
Director: Rob Miller
the show length: 59 minutes

Netflix’s continued dominance of new documentaries in 2022 comes another true crime document about a mother’s crusade against online companies hosting revenge porn posted by her daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

The documentary series is already spreading across social media with many searching for where Hunter Moore is now.

The limited 3-episode docuseries currently has 7.1 on IMDb.

other breath (season 1)

Type: Drama, Romance
spit: Tuba Buyukustun, Seda Bakan, Punkuk Yilmaz, Murat Boz, Serkan Altunorak
the show length: 54 minutes

In case you weren’t aware, Turkish dramas are doing well on Netflix and today there is a new Netflix original added in the form of other breath.

The series is taken from OGM Pictures and revolves around three best friends who set out on a journey to accept their pasts and move into the future.

Tuba Büyüküstün leads the cast and is famous for the popular series black money love and Netflix’s protector.

The full list of new releases on Netflix for July 28, 2022

8 new movies added today

  • Cut Up (2022) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Portuguese – With his mother’s salon on the brink of bankruptcy, the devoted son rolls up his sleeves and discovers himself as the best barber in the arena.
  • Naturally Foolish (2004) – TV-PG – Arabic – To make ends meet before marrying his lover, a man goes to a burglary with her uncle – but his incompetence gets them into trouble.
  • Poha (2005) – TV-14 – Arabic – A small town butcher travels to Cairo to take his inheritance. Along the way, he meets a charming young woman and her mother.
  • The first year of deception (2004) – TV-PG – Arabic – Two crooked friends plot to defraud tourists in the Egyptian city of Hurghada. But they soon meet two women who change their lives forever.
  • Alexandria Special (2005) – TV-PG – Arabic – A woman accused of killing her husband hires a young lawyer. As the lawyer searches for the real killer, he finds a host of surprises.
  • Repeat (2022) Netflix Original – TV-MA – in Spanish – Years after moving to a remote town, ex-cop Peppa is pulled into the dark world she thought she left behind when she becomes involved in a murder case.
  • Soldiers in the camp () – TV-14 – Arabic – When a man joins the armed forces, he knows that his colleague has a vengeance against him. To escape from the avenger, he enters into a fictitious marriage.
  • Thieves in Thailand (2003) – TV-PG – Arabic – After a man from Cairo finds out that he has a long-lost brother, they both plot to steal an expensive painting from Thailand.

8 new TV series added today

  • Another Character (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – in Turkish – Three friends arrive in a seaside town, where they connect with their spiritual selves and suddenly encounter an unresolved trauma from their family’s past.
  • Masters of Cars: Rust to Riches (Season 4) Netflix Original – TV-PG – In English – The colorful crew at Gotham Garage have repaired an eclectic selection of cars and trucks, which they can sell for big bucks.
  • Dream Home Makeover (Season 3) Netflix Original – TV-G – English – Dreams come true for real families looking for the perfect home designed in their own unique style, thanks to Shea and Syd McGee of Studio McGee.
  • Ehsan from the Future (season 1) – TV-PG – Arabic – Saudi journalist Ahmed Al Shugairi explores the cities of the Holy Kingdom and researches new advanced technologies that are changing everyday life.
  • Keep Breathing (Limited Series) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – When a small plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, the lone survivor must battle the elements – and her own personal demons – to stay alive.
  • Oggy and the Cockroaches: Next Generation (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-Y7 – In English – Join adorable cat Oggy and hilarious elephant Piya as they go on hilarious and hilarious adventures – with three cockroaches ready to spoil all the fun!
  • Rebelde (Season 2) Netflix Original – TV-MA – in Spanish – As Elite Way School begins a new semester, a familiar enemy – a secret society called The Lodge – threatens to dashed early years’ musical hopes.
  • The Most Hated Man on the Internet (Limited Series) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Determined to remove her daughter’s photos from a revenge porn site, a persistent mother launches an online crusade to shut down her ruthless founder.

Top 10 movies and shows on Netflix on July 28, 2022

# TV Show Movies
1 Virgin River gray man
2 Weird things sing 2
3 Single sea ​​monster
4 vampire Persuade
5 All Americans: Homecoming Too old for fairy tales
6 Alba the man from toronto
7 Blown 12 strong
8 Street food: USA paint trade
9 Married at first sight Nation
10 Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp Chips

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