What’s next for Bruins, Mitchell Miller? Why is it still on the payroll and 4 possible paths forward

Technically, Mitchell Miller is still Bruin. His entry contract is valid for three years. He receives an annual salary from AHL of $82,500.

And all this happens after more than a week of Bruins We parted ways with him on November 6, citing A Lack of due diligence.

Although Miller would never play a game with the Bruins, the continuity of his work shows the persistent attitude his signature caused. The team cannot finish its work without facing a complaint from NHLThe Palestinian Authority is likely to continue. For now, the Bruins remain committed to the contract, which was signed on November 4 and scored by the NHL the next day amid general And the internal Backlash over his history of crimes against Isaiah Mayer-Crowthers.

How the situation came to be resolved from here is unknown. There is no precedent. But here are four ways Bruins can explore:

1. Do nothing

Bruins will continue to pay his AHL annual salary and signature bonus ($95,000 a year) to Miller until the contract expires after the 2024-25 season. They will refuse to issue a qualifying offer for it afterwards, making it an unrestricted free agent. He will receive a total of $532,500 over the course of the deal – three years at a salary of $82,500 plus three years of a signing bonus of $95,000.

Whether Miller wanted this is unknown. It will make him ineligible to play for any other professional club while his contract with the Bruins remains active.

Miller could still try to revive his career in Europe if he is able to sign there. After seeing how the signature exploded in the Bruins’ faces, it’s unlikely any of Miller’s former suitors would risk a similar reaction.

2. Buy Miller at the end of 2022-23

Miller will raise the remaining $82,500. The Bruins then buy the remaining two years of his deal with his NHL salary. With Miller, 20, younger than 26, the acquisition would be one-third of the cost of the total transaction.

The problem with the acquisition is how Bruins applies the cost to achieving its annual cap. according to Friendly CapThe penalty will be $215,834 in 2023-24 and 2024-25. It will drop to $129,167 in 2025-26 and 2026-27.

These may seem like little amounts, but every penny counts – especially when the Bruins are over-penalized in 2023-24.

for example, Patrice Bergeron He received a $2.5 million performance bonus for appearing in 10 games. David Krigsey Earn a million dollars to reach the same minimum. Krejci will be owed $500,000 if he appears in 20 games and another $500,000 if the Bruins make the playoffs, per CapFri Friendly.

If the Bruins exceed the $82.5 million cap in 2022-23, they may have to carry over some or all bonus payments to positions next year.

3. Negotiate a settlement

General Manager Don Sweeney and Eustace King, Miller’s agent, will have to agree to a mutual termination of the contract. A lump sum payment to Miller, negotiated and agreed upon by both sides, would be the most likely outcome.

Bruins will be free from future obligations. Miller would be eligible to play for any other club.

4. Termination of the contract

Bruins could cite a breach of contract in resolving the deal. During his press conference on November 7, team boss Cam Neely declined to answer when asked if King had misled the Bruins.

Bruins will place Miller on waivers for the purpose of terminating the contract. However, the NHLPA will have 60 days to file a complaint. The union is likely to do so.

In a press release explaining the decision to separate from Miller, Neely said it was due to “new information” after the signing. When Neely was asked about the nature of the new information, he admitted that it was because the Bruins had not contacted the Meyer-Crothers family during their due diligence.

(Top image by Don Sweeney and Cam Neely: John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

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