White steps focus on giving the planes a fighting chance

FLOURHAM PARK, NJ (AP) — Mike White has already been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

So, replacing a struggling Zach Wilson and trying to stir up a stagnant offense shouldn’t be a big deal for the New York Jets’ starting quarterback.


“Anytime you step in the crowd as a quarterback and raise guys looking at you, it means something to me, whether we’re 0-16 or if we’re fighting for a playoff spot,” White said. “I’m focused on the Bears and focused on doing well enough for those guys in the locker room and helping give us all a fighting chance to win ball games.”

That’s all the Jets — halfway through their playoff game at 6-4 — ask White, who will make his first NFL regular season start in over a year Sunday at MetLife Stadium against Chicago.

“For Mike, it’s obviously a great opportunity for him,” said coach Robert Salih. “I know he will attack her.”

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