Why did he cast ‘Grey Man’ Dhanush and keep his character alive

  • Bollywood star Dhanush has a scene-stealing role in Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’.
  • The insider asked directors Anthony and Joe Russo in June how he was cast in the film.
  • Roussos joked that he had a story they wanted to tell more about in the future.

Netflix is ​​expensivegray manDirected by Anthony and Joe Russo, it may star Hollywood stars Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, but it cleverly included Bollywood star Dhanush as a scene-stealing partner for Gosling’s CIA assassin who managed to get the best of him in a short, late film.

If you have seen the movie, the file An excerpt from Mark Greene’s bestselling novel of the same nameyou may have been pleasantly surprised that the Roussos didn’t simply insert their beloved action star to get a little cameo before killing him.

Instead, Dhanush’s character, Assasin Avik San aka Lone Wolf, leaves the movie very much alive and likely to return to Recently announced movie.

Dhanush in the gray man

Dhanush in “The Gray Man”.

Paul Appel/Netflix

During a personal conversation with Russos at the end of June, the Insider duo asked the director what inspired Dhanush to choose the cast and why they made it a point not to kill him as a cameo fast.

The two told us that their time with Marvel Studios, where they directed a total of four films, including “Avengers: Endgame,” helped with the decision-making process.

“Part of the global storytelling is you’re trying to invite more people to see the movie from their point of view,” Joe Russo told Insider. “The movies have been American-centric, so for a long time.”

Russo continued, “One of the most important benefits of working with Marvel was that we were able to travel the world and get to know the fans up close, talk to them and culturally understand where they come from when they watch the stories,” adding, “Bollywood has a rich history like Hollywood and has amazing talent and stars.” They don’t get a stage on a bigger stage.”

The promotion of Marvel films in India has allowed Russians to connect with other talents, including Priyanka Chopra who stars in Amazon Prime’s upcoming sci-fi thriller “The Citadel.” The two also filmed the Netflix movie “Extraction” partially in the country.

Online fans were really excited to see the extent of Dhanush’s role in the movie.

As the Russians told us in June, they were well aware that the comments for the “Grey Man” clip were not so much about Evans or Gosling as they were about Dhanush.

Dhanush's fan comments on the trailer for The Gray Man

If you visited any YouTube trailer for the movie prior to the movie’s release, the comment section was filled with love not for Evans or Gosling, but for the appearance of a Bollywood star in the movie, something Roussos picked up.


“We are fortunate enough to use Dhanush,” Russo added, noting that they already have plans for the actor to come back. “We weren’t interested in him playing a one-off character who only appears to be defeated by the title role in the movie. He’s equally skilled and assertive as Gosling in the movie. He has a story that allows him to come back into the narrative at some point – as his own hero.”

On the weekend after the release of the film, which was reported to be worth $200 million on Netflix, the streaming company announced that The sequel to “The Gray Man” with a spin-off Already working with Roussos and Gosling back.

Anthony Russo and Joe Russo on set "gray man."

Anthony Russo and Joe Russo on the set of “Grey Man” with Chris Evans.

Paul Appel/Netflix

Dhanush’s character will likely be a major part of at least one of those projects.

“We wanted to create a lot of tension around that character,” Anthony Russo told Insider of Dhanush’s Lone Wolf in June. “The Gray Man doesn’t get over it. Dhanush decided to leave the struggle alone. That’s the character we’ve seen better.” Gray Man. This is what we know about him. For us, it’s very pregnant moving forward. “

“The Gray Man” is now streaming on Netflix. Could you Read our long interview with Roussos here.

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