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Changing the tone of jewish music

The way we listen to music has evolved over the years. What started as gramophones and jukeboxes turned into radios, jukeboxes, audio cassettes (don’t forget the eight-track!) Walkman. As technology has advanced, so has high-performance listening devices—from boomboxes, CD players, and Disc jockeys to MP3s and iPods, which have changed the world forever.

Since the invention of the iPod and then the iPhone in 2007, technology has evolved at an incredible pace to make it faster and easier to use. Today, you can hardly find a trace of old musical products.

Music programs have also undergone significant developments over the past two decades. It’s moved from drag and drop and burning, to memory stick compression and downloading, and finally to streaming. It’s easier than ever to access music on compact mobile devices.

Face the music.
All this wonderful innovation continued without any input or direction from Gedolim and Manhigim. At no point did these tech giants ensure they were compatible with the biblical way of life. Spotify is very convenient. It’s very easy to sign up for an account and stream to your heart’s content. But Spotify doesn’t care about Nshama yed. No Apple Music, YouTube or Amazon. In fact, the more it goes against Jewish values, the more profitable it will be. Unlimited and unfettered access to content across the spectrum is a priority for them.

But we believe in limits. We believe in protecting our eyes, ears, and minds and preserving our spirituality. The freedom to search and be exposed to all content goes against our way of life. Needless to say, attempts to work with these companies on filtering capabilities have been met with derision. They need this openness. It goes against their business model to accommodate our sensitivities.

Parents had two choices – to stick to the old path, which had its risks, or to succumb to the new wave of technology and hope for the best.

These chinuch problems now have a suitable solution: Learn more:

left to our devices.
While the MP3 and Memory Stick route is much safer, it has created its own set of problems, particularly those related to theft of illegal content making its rounds. Since downloading, uploading, and syncing these devices can be very tedious, well-meaning Jewish children began sharing music with each other. Not because they wanted to steal. It seemed like a harmless way to get the latest hits — an innocent mistake that resulted in thousands of dollars in lost royalties for Jewish singers and artists.

The second, and more dangerous, way was to hand out iPhones and iPads to kids with family music accounts, and hope for the best. And then they were praying they wouldn’t lose their kids to Spotify…

It is very easy to get lost. A simple search returns a large number of inappropriate results, even as you type. Also, the lack of a dedicated platform for Kol Isha creates a predicament for young boys. And it certainly doesn’t take browsing and AI-generated playlists into account. It’s time to change the tune for Jewish music listeners.

Changing the tone of Jewish music forever!
24Six is ​​a completely new and cohesive solution that will usher in a new era for Jewish entertainment, where you can manage your family content and broadcast without worry. Using leading technologies designed for the Jewish family, 24 vi enable you to You have your values ​​and your music too.

your family. your values. Your control.
Everyone’s view of entertainment is different, and hashkafuss may be different. What you consider good may not be good for someone else. everyone has their own monastery; Camps, mustos, schools and schools have their own standards.

  • 24Six gives each user the ability to define their own standards and build their own media experience.

  • Users can use customizable filters with full control – block artists, categories or even all video content – and the blocked content simply won’t show up. The app will automatically resize, revise the layout, and adjust tabs to match your updated preferences.

  • Communities, schools and public organizations will have the option to create public filters for their members and their families who use the platform.

Start your family account:
Enjoy a 7-day free trial!

Keeping high profiles
An advanced user profile system enables you to tailor a segmentation audio experience. Each user – including family members on the same account – creates their own profile with age and gender.

Under Rabbinical’s strict guidance, virtual filters are integrated into the platform.

  • First, anything that does not fit into a Jewish home is rejected outright.

  • Any content intended for a female audience, including Kol Isha, can only be viewed and accessed by female profiles.

  • Topics aimed at parents, such as parenting lessons and podcasts, will not be available to children.

Find out how customized profiles work on 24Six’s site:

While you’re enjoying the perks of the Hashkafia music platform, know that you’re not missing out on any amenities or features. 24Six will likely include more features than the major streaming apps, so users won’t feel like they’re missing out on Apple or Spotify, in fact, the UX is designed to be easier and more fun.

24Six developers have included a plethora of familiar features from private and public playlists to embedded music videos and full album jackets for easy viewing.

– State-of-the-art AI technology will analyze your entertainment style and provide relevant suggestions for smooth autoplay.

– View the latest additions and new episodes at a glance, and search by song, album, podcast, video, and more.

Here is a new age of music. Start broadcasting today!

24Six exclusive
24Six has inked deals with today’s hottest artists and producers to bring you exclusive music, podcasts, and video content from your favorite artists, all on one entertainment platform. Some artists will broadcast their music Only at 24Six.

It’s all together now!
The list of artists joining the platform is growing day by day. You will be able to stream all your favorite artists anytime anywhere. No need for five different subscriptions – you can find all the top artists in one central hub.


  • 24Six is ​​a first-class kosher entertainment experience, with extensive filtering capabilities and a solid blade, all at your fingertips.

  • The technology is cutting edge, readily available, and best of all, it removes all fears of hacking and foreign influences entering your home.

  • It’s a win-win for everyone, and we’re excited to bring it to our communities.

The platform is already available on the Apple and Google app stores as well as on the Kosher SafeTelecom store. You can access it anytime, anywhere 24/6! Try it for free at

$9.99 per month to solve today’s most expensive entertainment problems.
24Six is ​​a platform everyone can use! All of these features and many more can be yours for just $9.99 per month. That’s $10 a month to solve today’s most serious entertainment problem.

The dual plan with 2 profiles will be $14.99 per month, and the family plan with 4 profiles will be $19.99 per month. Additional profiles can be added for only $3 per month. 24 vi.

Change the way you look at Jewish entertainment forever!

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